The server backup has been completed. In the next days, we are going to start uploading the server backup to our new server hoster and test the server extensively if the current configuration suits our needs.

The Server has been taken offline for server hoster migration. The server will be online in a few days.

We will be taking the StarOpenSource Server down for a few days soon, because we are switching server hosters. More details soon™.

The StarOpenSource Project and it's founder @jeremystartm are rebranding! View the presentation at 12:00 UTC at

The StarOpenSource server infrastructure is online and can be accessed again.

Zeige Konversation

The StarOpenSource server infrastructure is down and we currently don't know why. We are investigating the issue and report any updates regarding this situation.

You can now view the history of the StarOpenSource Project! It was researched and documented by @jeremystartm.

History »

We're happy to announce our new slogan "Libre software development"! We tried to bringing it to the point while keeping it simple.

We have migrated all repositories over. All repositories you before had, are now private, this means that you have to make them public again. Please note that every public repository before can be seen under

Old users have to create their accounts again though, in order for the repositories to get recovered.

StarOpenGit is back online again and is functioning. But, all users have to create their accounts and repositories again. If you want to clone your repository old repository to get it back online, visit for more information on how to proceed.

We are starting maintenance on StarOpenGit for some hours or even days, since we reinstall Gitea because of recent problems including database problems and login issues.

If you didn't already notice:
Our server infrastructure restarts in 6 hour intervals and cleans up unused files in the process. So, if you ever experience downtime and the server is back online after 3 minutes or so, it's because of it.

We have blocked more and more malicious requests over the last days manually. Now we've created FAAR, the Fully Automated Attack Reduction system. It can automatically detect malicious behaviour and creates a log with all relevant details. Unfortunately, we can't go into further details, since it may decrease security.

We hope we can protect against automated attacks better with FAAR and increase security for the server & all of it's users.

We've bannes over 30 IPs from our server today. Don't try accessing .env or some other backend stuff or get banned.

We have resolved the issues with our DNS provider. StarOpenSource can now be accessed again.

We are currently facing problems with our DNS provider. Due to this, our infrastructure can't be accessed right now. Sorry!

Our maintenance is over, although it took ~8 minutes longer. Still, thank you for your patience!

We are now performing maintenance on our entire server infrastructure for about 10 minutes. We are going to:
- Apply software updates
- Perform software configuration
- Check filesystems for errors

The maintenance is over, thank you for your patience! ^J

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Shorage ist ein soziales Netzwerk, welches für ein friedliches miteinander von JeremyStarTM und Friedrich Meichsner gegründet wurde.